Punk Tracer Costume


Materials and Processes:

  • Google Sketchup
  • 3D Printing (Taz 6)
  • Vacuforming
  • Foam

I love the Punk Tracer skin from the game Overwatch so I decided to do my own version of it. I decided to start with the chest piece (chronal accelerator) since it seemed to be the trickiest. I decided to model it in Google Sketchup, slice it into 6 sections and print them out. Since it'd be a lot of finishing work and I love new tools I decided to build a vacuformer and use the printed pieces as the tool.

The buckles I designed in sketchup and printed in 3 layers so that the top and bottom buckles are actually separate loose pieces to mimic more closely the way a real buckle would lay on the collarbone. If they were printed as one solid piece there would be no curve to the pieces and since details matter :) 

The pistol is a mash up of several thingiverse models. I want the prop to light up but the model made for that is a little complicated to print and finish so I chose the light pieces from one and resized them to fit into the body of a simpler pistol to print.

The Vacuformer

Since I needed two chronal accelerators, one for the chest and one for the back, and it takes a lot of time and material to print them AND it takes a while to finish 3D printed pieces I thought it'd be better to vacuform the parts! First I needed to build the machine. To my surprise after only one rewiring from series to series/parallel it worked like a charm. This is one of the first pulls. After a few I realized I needed to raise the tool so it wouldn't get wrinkles in the corners.