Easing Customer Enrollment

As a Merchant I want to easily enroll new members into my loyalty program who don't currently have the Perka App. 

Above is our first attempt to redesign the Perka mobile apps first time user experience [ftue]. The decision to put up a splash screen, a new concept to our gradual engagement model, was very rushed. We needed something to put our new Claim Code feature front and center that wouldn't take away from our devs time actually making the feature. Though it appears simple this screen lacks one feature that made it a major friction point: There is no way to create an account.

The Perka app allows you to use it several times before asking you to create an account. We want you to use the app and hopefully gain your trust before forcing you to make that decision so it was not a requirement when we were designing this screen.

The intro screen was supposed to offer customers who had a receipt code an easy way to access it. Right away reports came in that customers and merchants were having problems with the new splash screen. Our analytics showed that the 80-90% of the people who tapped Log In and Scan Code canceled back out to the home screen and then tapped explore nearby merchants as a last resort. Even after users were getting codes to scan it was clear that the wall needed to come down.

The Solution

See a Framer JS Prototype

Our second iteration (above right) focused on removing the splash screen while still advertising the "Claim Code" feature. The concept that won out over all the others took the form of a pop-over feature announcement (below left). The user gets an idea of what the feature is, if it concerns them, and can then move on without confusion or tap Learn More if they are confused.

Our second iteration had a lovely animation but we decided it was still a little too ambiguous. Users still have too many choices plopped in front of them.