Designing for a small non-profit brings a variety of challenges to projects. The most common being time and budget. These are no stranger to any designer but they rear their head in ways I've come to enjoy as constraints. 

The above image is a poster for a local event thrown by one of Habitat's volunteer groups: Women Build. Restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds on the day of the event to Habitat. In years past the branding for this did not look like Habitat. The new brand guidelines have been slowly adopted by affiliates around the country but we're making a hard effort at Habitat Portland to bring all of our collateral inline. The guidelines for events in the new brand book is sadly a little dry. This concept aims at a balance between the strict "No logo" brand guidelines and something loud and fun to catch the eye. 

Using simply iconography, via the guidelines, and the full brand color palette, we came up with a solution that was bright and eye-catching, but still felt feels like Habitat.