Adding Commerce

See Me was always about supporting artists. Below are the first sketches of a feature that would allow artists to painlessly sell their work on a variety of mediums at the push of a button. 

I explored two directions we could take with this feature. One option was to pull back the commerce options so that the image would still be the main focus. The other was to go all in on the commerce feature and transform the element into a purchasable item.

Update: We eventually created something similar to the first option. Less intrusive UI but with heavy promotion of the feature in the users feed.


Option A puts all 5 commerce items below the main image. This works well for users who be toggling the commerce option on only for some of their items. Option B is a direction fleshed out more in the greyscale wireframes below. The commerce option is over the image which then downplays the portfolio angle and pushes commerce as the main purpose of the users portfolio.